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South By Southwest Interactive- Coverage (2012) (10 pieces) for UPSTART-formerly Portfolio-a bizjournals pub

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by Cody Lyon  Mar 11 2012
Rain couldn’t dampen this year’s South by Southwest launch. One old school company, Kraft Inc., seized on the inclement weather in Austin and extended its reach with a new world branding play.
South by Southwest

South by Southwest

Kraft didn’t come to the South by Southwest Interactive festival with a plan to distribute umbrellas. But a soggy situation led the company to make a creative branding play.
Image: Cody Lyon
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By Cody Lyon for UPSTART

South by Southwest Interactive has grown into so much more than an annual geek fest that rides on the coattails of a world famous music festival. Unofficial early reports put attendance at 25 percent higher than the 18,000 participants who gathered in Austin last year.

On the first two days of the festival [a.k.a. SXSWI] that began Friday, attendees were driven indoors by unusually cold Texas rains. There, they waited in hour-long lines for panels such as a “Celebration of American Startups” or lessons on how to spread the magic dust in the “Gamify and Socialize” interview with venture capitalist Bing Gordon.

Throughout the hallways of the Austin Convention Center, the throngs gathered. There were human-battery wearing-FedEx “power couriers,” where delegates could charge their cell phones and tablets. There was the “Circus Mashimus”, where old school games like skee-ball mixed with all manner of shiny digital gadgets that served as side shows in a futuristic virtual setting.

Read more at UPSTART


Gordon: Foursquare’s Day Will Come

Foursquare may get more buzz than actual users today, but noted venture capitalist Bing Gordon said coming geo-location technology on new smart phones could change all that. Read More at UPSTART
SO, Tell me Where is the VC MONEY?   Portfolio set out to find where the investors were hanging out
At the South by Southwest conference in Austin, some are there for attention, others for the parties, more for connections. But lots and lots are there to find money for their businesses.Read more: at UPSTART
South by Southwest
image by Cody Lyon


SXSW’s Mustachioed Warriors- The story of Movember

by Cody Lyon  Mar 13 2012
Movember’s founder aims to maximize the “man brand” in the name of a good cause, and he headed to SXSW to raise a couple of eyebrows—and some mustaches.
A sampling of some of the men sporting facial hair at the South By Southwest conference in Austin, Texas.
Image: Cody Lyon

Each November, thousands of men around the world sprout facial hair where it once didn’t exist.

But these men aren’t just living a ’70s flashback, instead they’re participants in a men’s health fundraising movement called Movember. In full mustachioed glory, they raise donations and awareness for many male health issues, though primarily prostate cancer.

Since 2004, Movember has garnered over 870,000 participants and raised more than $175 million globally. Funds are directed to programs run directly by Movember and its men’s health partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

CEO and cofounder Adam Garone is at this year’s South By Southwest conference in Austin looking to raise some eyebrows and some mustaches. Leveraging the nonprofit’s rapid growth and newfound prominence, Garone, a mustachioed Australian, hopes his company can flex its fundraising-for-research muscle in the digital realm and ultimately impact the very way research institutions are run.

Garone said the prostrate cancer research community has a poor track record of collaboration, often resulting in redundant research and wasted money.

“The research community talks a lot about the successes, but they need to be talking more about the failures so that other people don’t get on the same unproductive path,” he said.

Read more: at UPSTART


A growing space online-Psst! Peer-to-Peer Is the Place to Be. Pass It On.



Peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces have put the “hot in hot” for the startup scene this year at the South By Southwest Interactive conference. Spurred on by the success of Airbnb—the grand master of so-called collaborative consumption sites—venture capitalists want to make money while they reinvent market behavior.Read More at UPSTART

Former VP Al Gore and Napster’s founder Sean Parker say-Bring on the “Nerd Spring

Al Gore and Sean Parker


Hey, members of the digerati, Al Gore and Sean Parker have a message for you: American democracy is broken, and the Internet is the place it can be fixed. Read More

SXSWi and the Social Time Suck

by Cody Lyon  Mar 14 2012
Consider the 15-minute time suck of being tagged on Facebook or pulled into another social-media site: Should social entrepreneurs be more responsible to the human race, an SXSW panel asks?
It was time for the  final click, tweet, or text from South By Southwest Interactive in Austin.

One tiny group of participants headed to Whole Foods world headquarters, where Christophe Chateau, director of Cotes de Bordeaux wine, led arrivals over to tables of wine and cheese on an outdoor terrace. It was a world away from the information and challenges issued to throngs during a weekend of technological wonder and commerce, mostly because it was, well, the real world.

The same distinction came up at a Sunday-afternoon session called “The Attention Drug Wars,” where panelists said it’s time that developers and designers start to recognize the power the Internet has todominate people’s time and lives.

“I have an ambition of creating some kind of movement, sort of a Hippocratic oath for social designers, because these are the people with a lot of responsibility. They are shaping our world, and we want to encourage them to do better,” said Joe Edelman, founder and chief executive officer of Citizens Logistics.

Read more: AT UPSTART


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