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Journal Profile: Bridget Dunlap, Lustre Pearl, Clive Bar, Bar 96

Premium content from Austin Business Journal by Cody Lyon, ABJ Staff

Date: Friday, May 13, 2011, 5:00am CDT – Last Modified: Thursday, May 12, 2011, 3:22pm CDT

Bridget Dunlap
Lustre Pearl, Clive Bar, Bar 96

Bridget Dunlap Owner Lustre Pearl, Clive Bar, Bar 96


Lustre Pearl, Clive Bar, Bar 96

Bridget Dunlap said that for a very long time, she lived life with no rules, not really thinking about tomorrow. But one day that changed. “When I had my child, I knew I had responsibilities. I decided to focus and I learned I can do anything.”

After saying hello to, then buying drinks for, a couple visiting from Chicago who had gotten wind of her bars in Austin’s historic Rainey Street district, she said, “sometimes you have to go through the shitter to understand life and realize how hard you’ve got to work to get what you want.” With life lessons under her belt, Dunlap cautions: “I’m sweet as hell, but if you push me, you better watch out.”

On a recent cool Austin night, she was reigning supreme over her mini empire — a collection of three nightspots in formerly dilapidated houses — sitting, drinking and talking to some friends on the front porch of her first venture here, Lustre Pearl. It’s been just two years since the Houston native who’d traveled the world sowing wild oats turned into an Austin pioneer after spotting an old dilapidated house in what was then a rundown neighborhood. Almost immediately, she raised some capital and transformed the old house built at the turn of the 20th century into one of the area’s most talked about nightspots.

“I think it’s foxy,” she says of Lustre Pearl, which also happens to be the name of her self-descibed alter-personality. Soon after Lustre Pearl, Dunlap spied a couple of other houses, and turned them into Clive Bar, a place where hipsters can mix with suits, and Bar 96, Dunlap’s version of a sports bar.

Pretty soon, across the street from Clive Bar, a strange concept even for Austin’s innovative bar scene will rise — the Container Bar. It will be created from six metal recycled shipping containers.

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